Etiquette for a Latin Ceremony Guest Leave a comment

It is often important to consider correct guest politeness when attending a marriage. This includes taking a good shower (especially if the pair has especially requested that ), dressing appropriately for the ceremony, and abstaining from embarrassing yourself or anyone else. There are, however, a few more important factors to take into account when planning Latin ceremonies.

It’s common for the soon-to-be husband to give his bride 13 las arras during the “money dance” ( El Baile del Billete ) in Latin culture during the “money dance.” This is a representation of his commitment to pay for her. It also serves as a positive sign for their union.

It’s common for the bride and groom or a designated guy to travel from table to board to hands out little presents known as detalles to their attendees during the dinner. These can range from practical things like personalized favors to symbolic items like a role-playing brain or 13 pairs of arras.

Lovers are expected to influence and hold fingertips under an arch created with the couple’s veil when the tunes begins to play during a conventional Puerto Rican dancing known as la Vibora de la Mar. This is a fantastic way to show the couple how much they care and appreciate their visitors

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