Latin Wedding Symbols: What Do TheyMean? Leave a comment

Some Latin bride images, from the arras service to the bridal veil, have deeper meanings than are immediately clear. These unique marriage customs latina brides are rich in history and recognize a bride’s traditions, passion, and house.

In Latin American cultures, the bride typically wears” something old,” something borrowed, and “and” something new. These symbolic components stand for the gift of love, success, and relatives tradition. The borrowed piece was something from someone else’s wardrobe, the something new was a brand-new wedding gown, and the old object was typically jewelry that had been loaned from an immediate comparative or grandmother. As a sign of her husband’s loyalty, affection, and fidelity, the bride traditionally moreover sews yellow, violet, or red ribbons onto her undergarments.

Another well-known pre-marriage ceremony is the arras ceremony, in which the man presents his wife with 13 gold coins. The cash represent Christ’s guarantee to provide for her, and the variety 13 stands for Christ and his twelve apostles. The couple frequently keeps the coins in a special basket or carton for use on the day of their marriage and for show at home.

As the newlyweds leave the church or civil festival, guests may shove grain or animal seeds, which represents fertility and good fortune. These have been replaced by petals, rose petals, and various decorations by some contemporary couples, but the symbolic gesture is still a key component of any Spanish ceremony.

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